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Duane Dickinson

Old-Time Cowboy Songs

Duane Dickinson, cowboy songs

Duane Dickinson has been associated with cowboys and ranching for most of his life. A native Montanan, he was born on a small ranch in the northeastern part of the state. Duane began learning traditional cowboy songs from his father who also taught him many of the sentimental 19th Century ballads. Duane ranched at Ryegate, Montana, until 1996 when he sold the ranch and semi-retired.

Duane first attended "Cowboy Songs and Range Ballads" at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, WY, in 1982, and since then he has been sharing his songs around the country.

The cowboy songs he sings are the stories of the open range...of roundups and trail drives...of horses and men...of tragedies and humor. They were songs suited to the rhythm of the horse...the slow, easy canter of "Goodbye Ol' Paint", the rollicking trot of the "Ol' Chisholm Trail" and the soothing lull of night-herding songs.

Because of his extensive repertoire of traditional cowboy songs, Duane has been a featured performer at many western music and poetry gatherings throughout the West. He is a favorite at the Arvada Center's "Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering" held each January near Denver. The "National Cowboy Poetry Gathering" in Elko, NV, has selected Duane to perform.

There's no denying Duane's influence and contribution in keeping alive these treasured songs. The late Buck Ramsey was the recipient of numerious honors, including two Wrangler Awards from the Cowboy Hall of Fame and the National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. Buck credits his interest in preserving the songs of the cowboy to Duane Dickinson and considered him a national treasure. When the subject came up, Buck replied, "I want them to speak my name with the quiet reverence they speak the name of Duane Dickinson." That's as strong an endorsement as an old cowboy singer ever needed.

  When the Work's All Done This Fall CD, cowboy songs

When the Work's All Done This Fall

A Collection of Old-Time Cowboy Songs by Duane Dickinson

©2003 Western Serenade Music
Produced by Liz Masterson and Sean Blackburn

"We were amazed at Duane's incredible Repertoire of Victorian ballads and 'old cowboy songs.' ...He is deeply respected in our industry for his pure, sweet singing, appropriate guitar accompaniement and for being a treasure trove of songs. His influence is wide spread, and many of us owe him a debt of gratitude for teaching us how these songs are meant to be sung! Over the last 20 years, Duane has performed at the top cowboy poetry gatherings all over the west and also at cultural and historical centers, livestock banquests, radio shows and concerts. Thank you Duane --for your kind, gentle ways -- and for all the fun we've had!" -- Liz and Sean

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